Martial Arts Reigns

信息 - Details

Associated Names: 武道独尊
Short Title: MAR
Country: China
Author(s): 小妖
Status: Completed
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Xuanhuan

概要 - Synopsis

In the Continent of Tianyuan, those with great abilities can move the mountains and the seas, kick the stars and the moon, tear the sky with a punch, and smash the earth with one foot! Ye Ming, a man on verge of exile and born out of an ordinary family, seeks revenge for the death of his parents and constantly strives to strengthen himself. Under these circumstances, he obtained the “Divine Treasure Cloak,” took the ‘Divine Foundation Building Pill,’ and studied the ‘Arts of repairing Meridians.’ With sincerity and ambition, he forge ahead bravely, whoever blocks his path to martial arts cultivation, will be killed with no pardon! The immortal Imperial Dynasties, the Great Religion of the ages, the gigantic demons of the Great Desolation, the hands of the Divine Devil, in the face of these deities that fill the whole sky, he has nothing to fear, my life is not in the hands of the heavens!

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